How to start your journey

1. find your suitable project trip

What kind of volunteer work are you interested in? Would you like to help with a social or wildlife project? How much time do you have? Choose the right project.

2. You send us a request.

Send us your inquiry with project name and time frame by mail or directly via our
website. We are also happy to receive questions and answer them as quickly as

3. We send you an offer

Within the next 24 hours you will receive an answer from us. As soon as we have all the information, we will send you an offer. If you like it, you can confirm the booking and start with the preparations.

4. your adventure begins

As soon as the booking has been confirmed by us and all amounts have been transferred, the
Begin journey. Enjoy your adventure!

Our project trips

Get to know the beauty and uniqueness of nature in our wildlife projects, discover endless expanses and observe typical animals of the country and take care of young lions in need of help, abandoned baby elephants, rescue captive turtles and orphaned monkeys. In our community projects you work together with people who need your attention. You can choose from a variety of projects with different focuses in which you can contribute your individual strengths.

For volunteers and adventurers who want to get to know several projects, countries or topics, we offer organized road trips in addition to the individual projects. We are also happy to advise you on all aspects of an internship in South Africa – contact us, tell us what you have in mind and together we will find the right internship for you!

Wildlife Projects

Community projects

Round trips


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