Isabelle Kl├╝mper

Isabelle grew up in various African countries and after a successful study of geography, she completed a master’s degree in tourism management and marketing in Antibes. Afterwards she returned to Africa and worked from South Africa for an international organisation responsible for the coordination of volunteers in Southern Africa. Most recently, she worked for the international development cooperation organisation World Vision Germany to improve the lives of disadvantaged people and especially to help children.

Britta Haak


Britta is fascinated by foreign countries and cultures. She studied Tourism Management in Braunschweig and worked for some time in Sri Lanka and Spain. Now she wants to encourage other people to travel. She also keeps our marketing and sales department going. Britta has gained years of experience in customer service with other tour operators. She privately volunteers for children, and she is also particularly enthusiastic about the social projects at Travel to Grow.

The network

Saleha Boleware

Travel consultant volunteer stays / coordinator group travel

Saleha has been supporting the Travel to Grow team since 2016 and, above all, brings many years of experience in customer service. Due to her love of animals and her closeness to nature, Saleha is not only interested in social projects, but also in animal and nature conservation projects.
Sasha Arms - travel journalist, content writer, communications consultant

Sasha Arms

Communications consultant

Sasha Arms is a travel journalist and content producer. Hundreds of articles have been published by her - in magazines, on travel websites and travel magazines. She is also the author of 5 travel guides. Sasha works with tour operators and hotels in the travel industry, producing content for their websites and publications and maintaining their social channels. Sasha has been working with Travel to Grow since 2013.