The project

This project is run by a keen surfer from the postcard-perfect sandy beach of Muizenburg, near Cape Town. With so many underprivileged children in the local area, this inspirational surf fanatic believes it’s vital to give these children opportunities they wouldn’t usually have. At this surf project, children get to learn a new skill and take advantage of the outdoor activities the region has to offer. During the afternoons, children from local townships are taught how to surf by a professional surf instructor, where they get plenty of hands-on instruction both on the beach and in the water. When there’s some free time before or after the surf sessions, the kids are taken on local hikes or treated to play a game of football, making the most of the fresh air and the great outdoors.

The underprivileged children participating in the surf project could only have ever dreamed of learning to surf, which makes for some very excitable groups of children. This is why volunteers are so important to the project, ensuring the children are safe and are following instructions, as well as having the time of their lives. Spending time with international volunteers also proves to be an inspiration to these young people and a window into the wider world. With many of their peers ending up on the streets and turning to drugs and crime, volunteers truly do help these children learn a new skill and understand a wider world of opportunity they can strive for.

If you love the outdoors, are keen to kick-start or improve your surfing skills and want to share these fantastic opportunities with underprivileged children in South Africa, this is the ultimate volunteering experience for you.

  • Costs: Starting at about 850€
  • Duration: 2 to 12 weeks
  • Country: Muizenburg, near Cape Town, South Africa

The surfing project runs from Monday to Friday and volunteers’ days are filled with activity. Each morning, you’ll have the opportunity to receive surf instruction and practice the skills you acquire and improve. This means you don’t ever have to have surfed before in your life to volunteer at this project! If you’re already a keen surfer, you’ll have time every morning to make the most of one of South Africa’s most revered surfing spots.

After lunch, the children start arriving for their lessons. You’ll help to make sure all the equipment is ready, polishing or fixing boards if they need it. The kids’ surfing lessons run between 3pm and 5pm, when you’ll assist the professional instructors and help look after the children. Afterwards, you’ll help pack up and then make your own way back to your accommodation, feeling tired but happy after a day out in the great South African outdoors.


Muizenburg, Cape Town, South Africa.

Voluntary work

Assisting the surf project staff by teaching the children to surf and keeping them safe, helping with other outdoor activities, preparing equipment for lessons.

Programme start

First or third Monday of each month.

Volunteering hours

5 days a week (Mondays to Fridays, around 10am to 5.30pm).


Minimum age 18, good knowledge of English, police check certificate, travel insurance.


Shared dormitories in a volunteer house or a backpackers lodge.


Shared kitchen facilities in volunteer house or backpackers lodge.

Airport pickup

At Cape Town International Airport (CPT) on specified arrival date. Please inform us when your flight arrives in good time prior to departure.

Donation to the project

Included in the rate.


In-country orientation, briefing at the project.


Pre-departure information, local in-country support and 24 hour emergency support.

In addition, you need to arrange:

  • Flights to Cape Town International
  • Travel insurance (necessary)
  • Vaccinations (please contact your GP or a travel medical clinic)
  • Additional recreational activities
  • Return transfer to the airport

Starts from €1,075.


4 to 12 weeks.

This is a project that helps you find a great balance between perfecting your own surfing skills and giving something back to the children in the local communities. You’ll enjoy mornings surfing and preparing equipment for the children’s afternoon lessons. At lunchtime, you can buy lunch at one of the many local surfer cafés or eat a packed lunch you’ve brought in with you. High-energy afternoons are filled with assisting the children’s surfing lessons, as well as lending a hand with some treks or outdoor games. You’ll find time to chat with the children too, which you’ll find as interesting and invaluable as they will.

Your evenings and weekends will be free for you to explore your surroundings. Cape Town is a short public minibus journey away and the Cape Peninsula is a haven of seaside towns and outdoor retreats to spend time enjoying. You’ll be staying at a volunteer house or a backpackers.

By partaking in this volunteer project, you’ll have the chance to make an important difference in young children’s lives while spending active days surfing and enjoying the seaside. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and something our volunteers never regret being involved in!

Security is one of the most important prerequisites when selecting our projects. That is why we take care of each of our volunteers personally and clarify all open questions regarding security before departure.

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