Wildlife projects

Explore nature and get to know the people who take care of it at our wildlife projects in Africa and Thailand. From taking care of abandoned baby elephants and saving captured turtles to caring for orphaned monkeys, you never know what’s in store for you during life as a volunteer.

It’s always the best case scenario that animals are released back into the wild after being cared for at our wildlife projects. As a result, our wildlife projects are not about building relationships with the animals themselves. By limiting contact with humans, animals have the best possible chance back in the wild.


Big Five wildlife research at a game reserve in South Africa

Help conserve endangered sea turtles in South Africa

Volunteer at a big cats sanctuary in South Africa

Conserve marine life on an island in Thailand

Thailand Projekt Elefanten

Care for elephants in rural Thailand

Volunteer with injured and orphaned wildlife in South Africa

Volunteer and research at a marine biology project in Cape Town

Volunteer with Great White Sharks in South Africa

Volunteer at a Big Five game reserve in South Africa

Hands on volunteering with orphaned monkeys in South Africa

Community projects

Work with people who need care, support or another pair of hands to continue their amazing work in communities. From medical centres to creches, apply your individual strengths in a variety of projects that really need help.

Supporting the development of children and adults can be one of the most positive experiences for both parties. Some of our community projects can be incorporated wonderfully into your studies, vocational or school training.

Help underprivileged communities in medical centres in rural Thailand

Build homes and classrooms for orphaned and vulnerable children in Swaziland

Teach underprivileged children to surf in South Africa

Teach sports to children in Swaziland

Teach small children in a township near Cape Town

Help disabled children at a special care centre near Cape Town

Round trip

In addition to our individual projects, we also offer road trips for volunteers and adventurers who want to get to know more than one project and different areas of a country.

Visit a range of different volunteer projects or national parks and explore every side of your travel destination. Get to know locals, fellow travellers and volunteers, while embarking on adventures like you have never experienced before.

Mozambique Projekt Rundreise

Safari, volunteer and coastal adventure in South Africa, Swaziland + Mozambique – Round trip


Kruger safari and voluntary building work in Swaziland – Round trip

Sangkhlaburi Building Project

Elephant, building and island adventure in Thailand – Round trip