Explore the world,
open your mind

You want to experience something new and feel the desire to do something meaningful? Then our projects are just the right thing for you.

Taking part in one of our volunteer projects means more than just travelling or learning another language. We want to connect people and cultures by travelling, bring foreign cultures closer together and create understanding as a basis for cross-cultural cooperation.

As a volunteer you look behind the fa├žade of what you know from the media. You experience a completely different everyday life in a culture unknown to you. Our motto is: The more you learn about the unknown, the less prejudice you have and the more understanding and tolerance you will develop. And the best thing about it is that you do something good at the same time.

This is us

As a tour operator based in Frankfurt am Main, we have been arranging volunteer work in southern Africa and Thailand for over five years.

Our small team consists of experienced specialists who work with heart and passion and who have made it their business to offer volunteer projects on a family level with personal support.

We provide transparent and individual advice, know each of our projects first hand and are in personal contact with our volunteers and partners.
<That’s why they call us Travel to grow
Our name represents our mission: Travel to grow: Leave your comfort zone, grow inwardly.

Our work is not only a matter of the heart for us, but also expresses our desire to take on social responsibility. We would like to connect people and cultures by travelling, to bring the foreign closer and to create tolerance and understanding as a basis for a cross-cultural togetherness, thereby reducing fears of the unknown.

After the assignment, many of our volunteers approach others more openly, are more courageous and know better how and who they want to be. They have grown with their project.

Travel to grow yourself!

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