One hand washes the other

With our projects, we not only want to promote the personal growth of our volunteers, but also to advance the respective project and get involved where our help is needed. In order to achieve our goals, we need strong cooperation partners who can secure various advantages by working together.

Your advantages

If you are a tour operator or travel agent, there are several reasons why a cooperation with us is a good idea:

Effortless extension of your offer for customers
Financial remuneration in the form of a fixed commission or a payment according to the ‘pay per lead’ model
Assumption of social and ecological responsibility (CSR)

We coordinate the partnership individually with your company, so that both sides benefit as much as possible. Support us in connecting people and cultures by travelling and creating tolerance for a cross-cultural cooperation!

Information material

We will be happy to answer specific questions personally and advise you which variant is the right one for you. Should you require more detailed information or need details of a specific project, we can provide you with the following material:

Print material such as flyers, brochures and posters
electronic banners for an online link
Texts and pictures for our travel offer, embedded in your website
Texts for publication on travel blogs
PR material

We are pleased to have every cooperation partner with whom we can grow together.

Send us an e-mail or call our helpful staff.

Reach out

Travel to Grow stands for the desire to connect people and cultures through travel, to bring strangers closer together and to create tolerance and understanding as a basis for cross-cultural cooperation.

For us, sustainable travel includes getting to know other peoples and countries, appreciation of the host country and both the personal growth of the volunteers and the advancement of the project work. You can find more information here…

Isabelle Klümper, founder of Travel to Grow


Data & Facts

Foundation April 2013
locationFrankfurt am Main
DestinationsSouth Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland & Thailand (other destinations on request)
Type of travel Volunteering & Voluntary work
Projects Nature conservation, animal care & social projects
Focus on sustainable and ethically responsible travel
Type of travel Individual and group travel