Project travel

As well as offering volunteer travel in southern Africa and Thailand, Travel to Grow has been co-ordinating project travel since 2012.

Based on a concept developed by owner Isabelle Klümper, Travel to Grow co-ordinates sponsor group visits on behalf of World Vision to countries including Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, Bolivia and Cambodia.

Community-based child sponsorship forms the core element of World Vision’s development aims. Through child sponsorship, sponsors contribute to a child’s wellbeing as they grow up, consequently supporting the development of an entire community.

The objective of sponsor group visits is to give sponsors a better understanding of the child’s culture and the meaningful community work they’re contributing to. It also provides them with an unforgettable impression of the country, its people and local customs. Most importantly, sponsor group visits make it possible for sponsors to have a memorable meeting with the child they sponsor.

In line with Travel to Grow’s philosophy, sponsor group visits form a bridge between different cultures. While people living in the communities visited gain new cultural insights and opportunities to prosper, visitors experience their own personal growth through meaningful travel experiences away from conventional tourism.

Have a look at the trips we are co-ordinating for World Vision in 2017.

Travel to Grow: services for co-ordinating project travel

Travel to Grow’s project travel services include:

  • Selection, planning and pre-arrangement of the destination, dates and agenda.
  • Communication between clients, local staff at the destination and the respective travel agency.
  • Sales approach, customer consulting and customer service, as well as tour follow up and evaluation.